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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Jawab.pk?
Good question! :) Check this out!
Has Jawab.pk's development completed?
Nope. We're still slowly adding features that we think will make Jawab more usable. These include features that will make using the site easier as well as those that make it more enjoyable! Our main objective however is to provide a platform where Pakistanis can get answers to general problems. We want it to be a place where they get answers in a timely manner. And so our development will focus first and foremost on making this possible.
What is Hikmat
How can I see who voted me on my question/answer
Votes are anonymous. You cannot find out who voted you up/down.
Can I ask a question or answer on a question without registering?
Yes, Jawab.pk allows you to ask a question and answer anonymously. However you will not be able to enjoy features like getting notified through email and accumulating Hikmat for correct answers etc.
Why can't I see the answer box on a question?
If you have asked the question yourself then you can't answer it. Secondly you can only answer a question once. If you want to change your answer you can edit it (soon). At the moment though, you can comment on your answer if there is any more information.
What is a Guide?
A Guide is just like a normal question except that it uses answers to create a summary that is a more detailed and accurate answer. In addition to that, the answers that are chosen for the summary are awarded Hikmat from the points set aside for that Guide. Admin will, from time to time, choose Questions and convert them into Guides.
Can I comment without registering?
No. To comment on a question or an answer you need to register first.