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Community Guidelines
Hi there. By asking a question, posting an answer and giving comments on Jawab.pk, you are agreeing to comply with the Community Guidelines. If you disagree with any part of this, please do not use Jawab.pk
We expect you to respect the following:
-Above all, be courteous and respectful!
-Ask questions that help you with your problem or can be beneficial to others
-Give answers and comments that are related to the question or helpful in general
-Avoid posting anything that may be offensive to anyone.
-Remember, whatever you post should not violate the law!
Jawab.pk has the right to edit/delete any post (Question/Answer/Comment) that goes against these guidelines or for any other reason. We want to ensure that Jawab.pk remains usable for everyone. To make that happen, we might have to take off posts or in extreme cases even disable user accounts.