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What is the process to get domicile in Pakistan?
I want to know how can one get domicile of Punjab and how long does this whole procedure takes?

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Asked by: Nabeha | 44 months ago | Answers: 7 | Views: 24057

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2 votes

Answered by: Anonymous | 40 months ago

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Answered by: Anonymous | 39 months ago

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Answered by: Osama Afzal | 44 months ago

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Answered by: Anonymous | 44 months ago

Thanks for that, do you know something about Islamabad?
Nabeha | 44 months ago

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Answered by: Munahil Murrieum | 44 months ago

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Answered by: Anonymous | 41 months ago

Oh yes then u will have to get domicile of Azad Kashmir.. I think it has to do something with birth place too.. Even I live in Islamabad and my domicile is of Karachi because I was born there
Nabeha | 41 months ago

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Answered by: Anonymous | 25 days ago

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