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According to you, What is the difference Between "Muslim" and "Momin"?

Waqas Gillani | 12 years ago

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Naveed Javed | 12 years ago

Answered by: Naveed Javed | 12 years ago

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Nabeha | 12 years ago

Answered by: Nabeha | 12 years ago

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Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago

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Answered by: Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago

Heres an excerpt defintion of Momin given by Imam Ali :
"A momin would be such that his ribs would be concave and sticking to his stomach , that his eyes would be red with crying and prraying for Allah". His love for the Holy Prophet and his family should superceede any of his own desires.
Btw what do u mean by the non- twelver shias? :S *sonfused*
Alizeh | 12 years ago
in the course of my readings, i have found that there are many denominations under the shia umbrella that far surpass those of the so called sunni sect. the twelvers are the ones following the 12 imams, seveners are ismailis (they have a difference of imam on the seventh imam, and there are further divisions here too including but not limited to alavi bohra, dawoodi bohra, nizari, druze), nusairis (alawi) and zaidis.... and maybe more.

thanks for the reference, the qoute however does not differentiate between momin and muslim!
Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago
Yes that' s true , but nusairis are not muslims, anyone who doesn't believe in Allah (sawt) and the the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) as the last prophet cannot be a muslim. Anyways it's a known ahadith of the Holy Prophet (s) that there will be 72 sects and only one will attain jannah.
Btw the jammah al sunnah als have baralevli ,deobandi,humbali ,shafaae ,hanafi,malaki, and many more. Unfortunately wahabsm is also wearing the garb of sunni Islam so that they can merge easily with the public.
The ahadith was to show that the stature and piety (taqwah ) of a momin is much above the requirement of a Muslim.
ps: This is a general overview so nobody should be offended .:)
Alizeh | 12 years ago
i am not saying who is muslim who is not, i explained what little i knew about momin and muslim.. and when you asked what is twelver, i replied to that!
yeah the sunnis got sects too, but i just said, i my knowledge the people under shia umbrella are like way khichri, many are extinct now, unbeknownst to the shia population atlarge. i am not implying that it undermines the shia philosophy, as a hypothetical example, i am counting those also who say jai jai ram and say they are shia!

as for me, i could be a wahabi :D
Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago
lol :D
Alizeh | 12 years ago

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Zainab Hussain | 12 years ago

Answered by: Zainab Hussain | 12 years ago