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I want to know the medicine to gain weight, I want to gain weight!!!!

Anonymous | 3 years ago

I'm 19 and i play Football almost daily. But my eating routine is not good. I have a digestive problem which doesn't let me digest the food i eat. I get that treated but with time it happens again. When i want to eat more and more to gain weight it starts happening again and i feel the need to go to washroom and empty myself. In this way i cant gain weight.

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Asked by: Anonymous | 3 years ago | Answers: 2 | Views: 1737


1 votes

Osama Afzal | 3 years ago

Answered by: Osama Afzal | 3 years ago

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Usama Hafeez | 3 years ago

Answered by: Usama Hafeez | 3 years ago

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