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My Phone was confiscated after I got caught cheating in exams, Will I be able to get it back?

Umair567 | 7 years ago

I was caught cheating from my phone (honor 4c) and it was confiscated and I was sent to jail. I got released the next day. Anyways, Will I be able to get it back? Some people say yes and some say no but no one gave me a clear answer. I want to know if I can get it back. Recently someone logged into my twitter and tweeted there so now I'm really worried. My Education board is Pindi Board

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Asked by: Umair567 | 7 years ago | Answers: 2 | Views: 2340


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Fahd Rasheed | 7 years ago

Answered by: Fahd Rasheed | 7 years ago

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ayeshanoor | 5 years ago

Answered by: ayeshanoor | 5 years ago