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How corruption can be eradicated or minimized from Pakistan?
Corruption! Driving Pakistan downward day by day.
What suggestion we can put in front of the gov. and What is our role as a individual.

Tags: Pakistan  Politics  Corruption 


Asked by: Murtaza Awan | 43 months ago | Answers: 6 | Views: 2267


1 votes

Answered by: Awais Amjad | 43 months ago

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Answered by: Aasiyah Espina | 43 months ago

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Answered by: Munahil Murrieum | 43 months ago

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Answered by: Khawaja Naveed Haider | 43 months ago

We including the Supreme court of Pakistan is raising this issue, but no one is listening.
Murtaza Awan | 43 months ago

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Answered by: Shahid | 43 months ago

It can be your wish, but the reality on ground is that in our country some on is above the law.
Murtaza Awan | 42 months ago
Well you asked how can corruption be eradicated and i told you my "wish" of how it can be eradicated :P
Shahid | 42 months ago

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Answered by: Ali Iqbal | 42 months ago

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