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What does 'made for each other' means in real world?
How can one be sure that He/she is the 'right' one to spend your entire life with? I know its obvious in movies but how can we know it in real life

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Asked by: Nabeha | 62 months ago | Answers: 6 | Views: 1428


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Answered by: Sumi | 62 months ago

You didnt .. What does strong foundation means? knowing the other person before marriage?
Nabeha | 62 months ago
:) With strong foundation I meant: (1) the person's own true character (how s/he was brought up and what core values s/he has) and (2) the foundation of the relationship (on what it is based).
I personally do not think that one could know any human being to such an extent that one could claim to know him/her perfectly and thus be sure of a relationship to work for the rest of of one's life. True nature of a person is OFTEN reflected through actions and speech. When we talk about 'knowing' the other person, we somehow wish to gain some certainty, but there is no such thing, I suppose. Things work out if they are meant to. Apart from that, if you look at the trend 'non-muslims' in Europe follow: many live as boyfriend/girlfriend together in order to know each other better, but it seems that is never 'enough' to convince them to marry each other sooner or later.
Sumi | 62 months ago
Yes .. u r right, Thanks :)
Nabeha | 62 months ago
I was actually waiting for u to answer it Sumi, Good points ! : )
Zainab Hussain | 62 months ago
Sumi | 62 months ago

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Answered by: Zainab Hussain | 62 months ago

Thanks zainab :)
Nabeha | 62 months ago

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Answered by: msaadkb | 62 months ago

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Answered by: Ali Iqbal | 62 months ago

-1 :P
Nabeha | 62 months ago

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Answered by: Osama Afzal | 62 months ago

Nabeha | 62 months ago

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Answered by: Khawaja Naveed Haider | 62 months ago

lol yea
Nabeha | 62 months ago
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