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What is the procedure to get degree accredited by PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council)?

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Alright. May be just a certificate is required. How much time did they take in making certificate? immediately or in weeks/months?
Munahil Murrieum | 59 months ago
Hmm, it took 1 month. I'm still not sure if what you're asking is different from this. Lets wait for more replies
Usama Hafeez | 59 months ago
Yeah, lets wait.
Munahil Murrieum | 59 months ago
Munahil u have to get Your degree red stamped by PEC there office is in pindi and they charge u some nominal fee for it You have to google the office Address PEC office.
Mahreen Khalid | 58 months ago
Mahreen please post this as an "answer"
Usama Hafeez | 58 months ago

Asked by: Munahil Murrieum | 59 months ago | Answers: 6 | Views: 17871


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Answered by: Awais Amjad | 58 months ago

correction : For Regular, Read Registered
Awais Amjad | 58 months ago
Thank you for all the information, but I was thinking, if it is possible to apply for Masters even without having a PEC registration? Like, the NUST Post Graduate Program's registration asks if degree has been accredited by PEC or not. Will it matter, if it is not?
Munahil Murrieum | 58 months ago
you'll have to call them and ask them, if you have a grad degree from NUST and you are applying, you may not need PEC membership as such, but its not about NUST or any other university, the membership has its value for Pakistani Engineers so its only useful if you get one. But again you probably dont need the membership if you are applying for Post Grad at the same univ that you did your Graduation from.
You can call NUST PG Help Line for more info @ 051 90851045
Awais Amjad | 58 months ago
Arrite, thanks. I will definitely call and check.
Munahil Murrieum | 58 months ago

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Answered by: Khawaja Naveed Haider | 59 months ago

No, as far as I know, it is only accredited by HEC, we need to get it accredited by PEC ourselves.
Munahil Murrieum | 58 months ago
Engineering degrees are always accredited by PEC by default.
Khawaja Naveed Haider | 58 months ago

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Answered by: Mahreen Khalid | 58 months ago

Thanks. I was wondering, if somebody could tell me the time duration they take, and similarly what required documents we need etc?
Munahil Murrieum | 58 months ago

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Answered by: muhammad bilal | 58 months ago

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Answered by: Anonymous | 19 months ago

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Answered by: Anonymous | 5 days ago

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