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2 votes

What's the normal procedure of getting a driving license in Pakistan?
Are there any particular courses I need to take (except the obvious one: learn how to drive)?
What kind of paper work is involved?
Does the procedure vary from province to province?

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Asked by: Sumi | 51 months ago | Answers: 3 | Views: 8549

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2 votes

Answered by: Hassan Ahmed | 51 months ago

We'll have a separate thread about international license, as that one is mentioned as an "example" question on http://jawab.pk/what :)
Usama Hafeez | 51 months ago
True :)
Sumi | 51 months ago
Whoo ... That much for a license ... For that much you can get a diploma here ...
Hassan Ahmed | 51 months ago
haha. I guess we should introduce this system in Pakistan too. Who knows people might start driving straight lines? naaaaa....I doubt. :p
Sumi | 51 months ago
Oh...It's easier to get a driving license than to drive a car there.
Zainab Hussain | 51 months ago

1 votes

Answered by: Khawaja Naveed Haider | 51 months ago

Few traffic police???
Aaquib Naved | 51 months ago

1 votes

Answered by: Osama Afzal | 51 months ago

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