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I am looking for signature bridal designer dresses for my wedding can you hook me up with some of the best designer wear?

aleenamehar | 4 months ago

Aleena zahid is a Pakistani fashion editor, stylist, creative director and consultant to luxury brands on their products and imagery, based in Lahore, Pakistan. She started her fashion career in 2012. Since then she has worked as a fashion editor at Bridals.pk, which is among the shining names in Pakistan Fashion industry creating breathtaking clothing range from embellished Bridals to Pret wear. In addition to being fashion writer and consultant, she covered every type of fashion wear, especially bridals and Pret wears.

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Asked by: aleenamehar | 4 months ago | Answers: 1 | Views: 124


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Anaya Malik | 4 months ago

Answered by: Anaya Malik | 4 months ago

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