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It seems in GENERAL an average afghan Hates pakistanis like an average pakistani hates indian, why is that?

Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago

Rhetoric, racist counter arguments will not be appreciated!

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Asked by: Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago | Answers: 1 | Views: 1912


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Osama Shah | 12 years ago

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Answered by: Osama Shah | 12 years ago

you need some introspection mate. dont get me wrong. work on your thought process a bit. when you write down atleast read it once more... let me point out the mistakes:
"Secondly we, Pakistanis, are not responsible for that hatred. It's their problem" and then somewhere you say "we don't respect her honor. It's easy for us to abuse our system, our Govt., our Army/ISI, our people then how can you expect afghans to respect or 'like' Pakistan."

you also say "They live here in our country, they make very good money, our Govt. helps their country but they never appreciate." and then immediately afterwards "They are very self righteous." :S

"We don't have a single English news channel".. i guess its called express 7. correct me if i am wrong

and yeah.. i think if not hamid mir and kamran khan then probably zaid hamid is a better option :|
Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago
you write well btw
Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago
Thanks for pointing out the 'mistakes' but still I didn't find any :)
The question you asked has different dimensions. There is our part and there is theirs. I don't know how well you know them but I have spend my life in KPK and I have observed them very closely.
I am nor aware of express 7, if there is one. But still is it enough? to counter hundereds of channels. Does it support Pakistan the way we need in the present time.
Osama Shah | 12 years ago
by mistakes i mean the open contradictions you have made within one single post. read my reply again!.
Ali Iqbal | 12 years ago
Yes, that's why I mentioned the 'dimensions'. Anyways I appreciate it :)
Osama Shah | 12 years ago