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Does it help visiting a psychiatrist for depression?

Ali Iqbal | 6 years ago

Hi y'all. i have been wondering on this one for a long time now. i've never been to a psychiatrist (and dont plan on going either :P). i was thinking, how can a psychiatrist talk you out of your depression when the baseline problem remains unsolved. second, what if the cause of depression is monetary in nature, and we all know nothing comes for free including visiting a psychiatrist, in that case how would it help (this one tends to aggravate the problem doesnt it). what are your thoughts on this.

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Asked by: Ali Iqbal | 6 years ago | Answers: 4 | Views: 2096


4 votes

Usama Hafeez | 6 years ago

Answered by: Usama Hafeez | 6 years ago

o boy...
Osama Shah | 6 years ago
hehehe.. i like the suicide hotline... i bet in pak if it exists it would be engaged deliberately, or even if someone picks up he'd tell you the least messy way to carry out the act :D...
Ali Iqbal | 6 years ago

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taniffic | 6 years ago

Answered by: taniffic | 6 years ago

+1 Very helpful
Usama Hafeez | 6 years ago
Thanks a billion Tania :)
Nabeha | 6 years ago

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Nabeha | 6 years ago

Answered by: Nabeha | 6 years ago

In my opinion, the patient can tell the psych to not prescribe medicines too. Usually external help is required to help "believe in oneself" etc.
Usama Hafeez | 6 years ago
Yeah I guess..
Nabeha | 6 years ago

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ambreen | 6 years ago

Answered by: ambreen | 6 years ago

Thanks for the help Ambreen :) much appreciated !
And welcome on jawab.
Zainab Hussain | 6 years ago
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